I am considering purchasing a mount for my Psaltery so that it can be attached to a tripod, acting as a stand. (This might "date" me!!, but,...) I have an old tripod for an old "full-sized" RCA VHS Camcorder, (remember when, right?, Ha! Ha!!). Does anyone know if a psaltery mount would attach to that old "Dinosaur"? Thanks!! -Brian N. P.S.- I was recently noticing just how many members here are Fellow Ohioans!!! Seems to be growing all the time!!! That's Great!!!!

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Hey Brian, my mount is from Rick Long. And I can say that his are made to attach to any camera tripod. The tripod piece that attaches to the camera, (you know, that screws into the camera bottom and snaps on and off the tripod), screws into the the bottom of the psaltery mount. Then snaps on and off the tripod just like for the camera. If the video tripod works that same way, you should be good. 

Thank you so much for the info., Brenda, I really appreciated it!! Oddly enough,...it was actually while watching YOUR videos that made me search out that old tripod!!! I was trying to see how it was attached, what type of tripod, etc., all while enjoying your various performances!!!

I actually checked out his website, but sadly, was not able to locate the psaltery mounts, but I did find some other possibilities from a couple other vendors online.

Again, Thank you so much, Brenda, and please keep posting more of your video performances, they are entertaining and are good examples of psaltery "artistry", in my opinion!
Take Care!!
-Brian N.

Awww, shucks, thank you, Brian.

And good luck with finding a mount. I love playing with my psaltery on the tripod. It makes it so easy with double bowing and I like to stand while I play, too.

All the best,

~ Brenda

Just one question,.....how long ago did you purchase your mount from Mr. Long? Another member of this website stated that they bought one from him as well! Maybe I just didn't look in the correct section of the website!!!,....?????....Hmmmmm....
Thanks again,

 Rick should be contacted about his stands, Ringing Strings is the name of his company,  http://ringingstrings.com  When we got ours he was still working on how much to charge for them. 

I ordered mine from him when I bought my psaltery from him about 2 1/2 years ago. It was around $30 if I remember right. It works great and is adjustable to fit several sizes. Contact him about it. I think he kind of makes them to order, rather than having several in stock, so maybe that's why he doesn't have them pictured on his site. 

Hi folks,  I just spoke to Brian by phone.  Thought I should clarify the information about my psaltery tripod holder.  You can see the pictures and information at the bottom of the Tenor page on my website.  When you get there, scroll all the way to the bottom to find them.  


These holders used to only fit one size of the psalteries I make, the tenor.  Since that time I have added the Alto and the D Tenor.  The holder will also work with these, plus I have been selling quite a few of them for folks with psalteries from other builders.  They will fit quite a range of sizes and are adjustable.  In the near future, I'll be creating a page dedicated to the holders on my website.  I admit, they are hard to find where I have them.

I had been offering them as an option when buying a psaltery from me.  The price is $50 for the holder and includes a second matching bow.  The price when not purchasing a psaltery from me is $75 for the holder only.  This means with the $75 holder plus a $25 bow, the option for my customers was half price.  I can build these in walnut, maple, or cherry.  I like them to match the psaltery, but that isn't critical, I think of it as part of the tripod instead of the psaltery, just looks nice when it matches.

When purchasing the holder, I can provide a link to my favorite tripod for use with these.  It's important that the head and quick release plate be metal.  Plastic can cause flexing when bowing.  You want your psaltery to be held steady when bowing. 

I would agree with Rick Long regarding the need to utilize a tripod which uses an all metal mounting system.  One of my students uses a tripod that is designed for today's lighter digital cameras.  Unfortunately, it has a plastic quick-release plate which allows the psaltery to wiggle on the tripod.  An older style tripod which you mentioned in your original post would probably be just fine as long as the mounting plate is nice and secure once it is tightened down.

Most tripods use a 1/4 X 20 mounting screw.  So it would be ideal that whatever mount you purchase should have that universal thread size included in it's design.  I've incorporated this concept in my tripod/wall mounts.  A tripod mount is almost a necessity when it comes to playing with two bows.

There is an example of my tripod/wall mounts on my web page if you'd like to see another example. 


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