Just thought I'd add the charts I have for the Chakras and the notes here. It might be easier to find.

There is a lot more to both the chakras and musical healing, but this is a nice little reference.

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Hi Donna:

I have been working with my Chakras for over 20 years. I do a breathing meditation to center my Chakras and also do toning exercises. When I started playing the Psaltery, I noticed that when I did simple scales, I would feel my Chakras being re-aligned. Once you know what notes correspond to the Chakras you want to work on, you can do musical sequences to promote balance for those chakras. For instance if you wanted to lose weight and were having cravings, you could work on the third Chakra and play predominate "E" along with the other chakras. When you look at the chart you will see that they all go hand in hand. I am in the process of producing music with the Psaltery for this purpose. I have been a musician, singer, songwriter for 20 years. I am also an energy worker. The Psaltery came into my life at the perfect time.

That's fantastic! Currently I am having some problems with my thyroid (5th Chakra, correct?) So that would be A. Have you had any experience/conversation/thoughts about tuning at 440 mhz vs 432 mhz. The web sites I've looked at related to this are split..

I've been meditating for close to 20 years now and find it to be very important to my well being. When I started playing psaltery about 5 years ago I thought that making a CD for meditation would be an interesting project but I have progressed down different paths. I had (still have) a lot to learn about music in general and my teacher has taught me much about music theory.

Please keep us updated on your progress, I am very interested in this and if you need any test subjects I volunteer to do what I can 

I will keep the updates coming.

Hi Jeremy:

I know there are many meridians in the body. There is a healing modality called Emotional Freedom Techniques that taps on 9 pressure points in the body. I use this also. It seems to reverse the muscle memory in the body and releases trauma. You can use it for physical pain, but it seems to be more effective with emotional trauma.  One EFT Master said that EFT reverses the trauma and erases it from the subconscious as if it never happened. I have used it myself for Panic attacks I used to get. and it feels good as you are tapping. I just love the sound the Psaltery makes. With certain note patterns you can make nice changes. With my work with Reiki (I am a Reki Master) I can allow the Reiki energy to center the room I work in and help the individual relax. When a being is relaxed, the body relaxes and balance takes place. These techniques seem to work faster with animals, but it works.

You're right Jeremy, but I figured we'd stay with the first 7 and in this dimension!

Singing bowls are BEAUTIFUL and quite wonderful to meditate with or to receive a sound bath!

My sister is a Reiki Master also, I went through level 1 and 2 but have not gone further.

Hi Jeremy:

I am not familiar with the term Synesthesia or the Alexander method. Can you briefly explain what they are?

Any chance we could have a workshop or at least a presentation on this during the Bowed Psaltery Symphony this spring at Tamarack?

Hi Bonnie!

I think that could be done!  Let me touch base with Tish Westman.


Thanks Jeremy, I don't think this would be any more than an introduction to the concept. I certainly don't have in depth knowledge. This would mainly be to expose people to the concept. It could spark interest for some and send them down a new path!

I'm glad you mentioned the singing bowl....I think that will be very useful. I may possibly tune one of my psalteries to the singing bowl, at least as the starting point, I was already struggling about what the appropriate megahertz would be.

This conversation has taken me back to the 432 vs. 440 issue. While reading up last night I found a site that demonstrated the difference in the tunning. In the right hand column you'll see sound cloud players. The second and third ones down demonstrate Silent Night in both pitches (you can read how this was achieved) and I perceived a marked difference between the two, greatly preferring the 432. 

Unless there was some contrivance I can't see or understand this is a great example. Here's the link


Take a listen and let me know what you think.


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