I saw this video on Rick's RingingStrings website:




It sounds so beautiful!


I don't know ANYTHING at all about amps, but I'm very interested in the psaltery/amp combo! 


(I realize the "plug-in" for the amp must be added during the construction of the psaltery and can't be added later.  Correct?)


What kind of amp was used in this clip?

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BTW, all that stuff about returns is to discourage people from buying high-ticket items, using them for one show, then returning them. I've had to return a couple of things over the years and they never invoke that policy unless they think they're getting ripped off.
LOL, Tim it IS a toy, $19.99....and really cute : ) but doesn't do very much musically speaking
You guys are all wonderful helping like this!
Agreed!! And greatly appreciated!!!!!
No problem, but I admit I'm a little embarrassed. It's like when you find a really nice restaurant and then recommend it to friends. Then when they go there the place is having its worst night ever and everything is terrible. You feel like a schmuck.
I was feeling like that myself Tim! It does make you hesitant about making recommendations.
I have to keep reminding myself not to feel that way though. After all, the technologies we're talking about are all developed for the guitar. Everyone who struggles to adapt this stuff to other instruments will suffer disappointments some times. It's just the way of the world today. There isn't a lot of money to be made with custom psaltery pickups.

As struggling psalterists, even when we're wrong we're more right than anyone else out there! LOL! We just have to remember that we are pioneers and strangers in a strange land. Not everything we try will work at first, but who else do we have to turn to?

It's like they taught us in kindergarten: When you go out into the world, hold hands and stay together.
Awww......don't feel bad guys! I really appreciate all the help and advice!

These pickups are mass produced, so it's to be expected there'll be a defective one occasionally. Not your fault!!

And it's also true that we're trying to adapt something that was not made for psalteries. Strangers in a strange land for sure!

I'm just greatful I can talk with other psaltery players---even if only online. (Especially being a beginner).

I'm very greatful!!!
Tim, you could have put it in song, like Ziva did: "If it wasn't for bad schmuck, I wouldn't be no schmuck at all."
Kudos to you, though, and everyone else nursing her through this episode. I cringe at the very mention of electronic problems, which plague me endlessly. Even with that simple set-up, the problem could have been the pickup, the cable, or any little thing in the amp. At least this one behaved consistently, rather than bedeviling in stealth hit and run mode. I've had ones that act like one of those itches that, when you try to scratch it, disappears, only to pop up somewhere else. Try to show it to somebody, and it hides until they're not looking any more.
It sounds like a happy ending to the battle is coming. Sorry to say, though, that anyone who gets into electronics can expect the glitch war to continue in a myriad of forms. If any part of your system uses batteries, (and most of us have one in the tuner, for starters), I would suggest right from the gitgo that you keep a battery meter on hand as part of your kit.
I second that Grego!
Ziva, did you get the replacement Markley Pick up yet? Did it work?
The replacement arrived last week........somewhere. It was sent to the wrong address soooooooo, someone got a free pick up!

Another one was sent (the third one) out, but the tracking info isn't working, so don't know when it will arrive. (Maybe today?!)


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