Has anyone been experimenting with this? 

I have de-tuned one of my psalteries to as near to 432 Hz as I can get (my digital tuner only goes down to 433). 

432 Hz has been written about in several different sources as being the frequency more akin to the natural vibration of the earth and nature itself. 

I've been thinking about playing in a non 440 Hz for some time, as I want to experiment with the supposed differences between the modern pitch and this regarded as being more healing frequencies.

Has anyone done the same or experimented, and if so, what did you find?


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I have experimented a little with different frequencies.  Tanezaki-san (who plays in many of Makoto Kato-sans' videos) asked me about playing in C = 528 Hz (A = 444Hz).  528Hz is one of the Solfeggio frequencies, which are claimed to have some special capabilities also.  Retuning a psaltery was too much of an endeavor at the time but I did retune my mountain dulcimer to some different frequencies and attached are some mp3 files.  I tried to play one verse of the same song in exactly the same way so that the frequency would be the only difference.  One version is tuned to A=444Hz (C=528), A = 440Hz, and A = 417Hz (another Solfeggio frequency). 


From this exercise I decided that changing frequency for a single instrument might be more akin to playing a little flat or a little sharp, especially with a recognizable melody.  There may be some advantages to some of these tunings for compositions played by an orchestra with many instruments, but I didn't detect anything special for just one instrument with a recognizable melody.

I think there might be a possibility of some extra effect in a non A=440 tuning where maybe four to six notes are played in a repeating pattern.  It might seem monotonous with so few notes, but the difference in the tuning frequency might make a difference in the perception of the listener.  I think we have become too complicated with all of our known melodies.  Some of the melodies of old may have been more random and/or the melodies were not repeated.  I think known melodies with a different tuning frequency will just sound a little sharp or a little flat.  I think an unknown melody or a sequence of notes (maybe 4 - 6 notes) that repeats itself might present a different impression depending on the tuning.

So, I think I'm looking for the sound and the affect it has on me and the listener.  I have all of the familiar sounds of my past up to my present, and some have a bigger impact than others depending on many factors (time of day, my state of mind, etc.).  That is what I have decided will be important to me based on everything I have read about special frequencies and/or tunings having special capabilities.

Along this line of thought, I'm wondering about the Tao harp.  It is tuned to 4 notes, D, E, A, and B.  One of its uses is for healing.  There is no melody, just the sound of all four notes being strummed.  The url below displays the tao harp and a healing session with various instruments.  I wonder if the miscellaneous sounds would have an effect on me for healing.  I suspect the Tao harp on my chest would be an experience, healing or not. 


Maybe we can find something similar in the bowed psaltery?






Hi Dave,

Thanks for your input. The Tao harp was interesting to see / hear. 

I think it's the long resonance of the bowed psaltery that is where the effect of these different tunings can be observed / felt. It's been suggested that I experiment with two psalteries - in different tunings, and observe the results - possibly in a live set up or even through video/audio.

Food for thought!

Thanks for sharing



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