Just thought I'd add the charts I have for the Chakras and the notes here. It might be easier to find.

There is a lot more to both the chakras and musical healing, but this is a nice little reference.

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Quick update having re-read these discussions! 

Since this thread was opened, I have written a workshop / retreat day course using the BP in a wellbeing context - focusing on the ability of music to unlock one's creative instincts. I am not a qualified healer or therapist, so I make the caveat that my workshops are not 'therapy' in any official capacity (very important to state that!). I focus purely on the joy of music and using the medium of paint to interpret whatever the music has prompted in the attendees. I use Kandinsky and the synaesthesia model as a point of introduction and am incorporating aspects of lightwave and sound wave correlation (colour and sound theory) but only on a very basic level - the workshop is an exercise in right-brain intuitive opening, not left-brain intellect! 

I have a meeting next week with an educational trust near where I live, who run regular retreats and workshops that are dedicated to exploring universal truths across all disciplines (from science to art, philosophy and spirituality). I'm really hoping my workshop will be taken on. 

I have also been making very small inroads into the sound healing / therapy community here in the UK, in building relationships with practitioners and educating bodies regarding the capabilities to use the BP in a therapeutic context (officially that is, we all know how meditative the instrument is, but it is not recognised as a therapeutic instrument as such - not on the UK). Two eminent British sound healers I know, Tim Wheater and Stewart Pearce have both endorsed the BP as an instrument with healing capabilities - but privately to me - this was not a public declaration! Neither had heard of the instrument before I had played for them, so they were working purely on their own intuition - but interesting how both practitioners (who are highly respected in their field) were adamant that the BP could - and should - be used to 'heal'. 

I'm not really sure where this is all leading for me personally, but I just want to use the BP as an instrument of 'healing' - whatever that means to the individual receiving the sounds. I call the music 'high vibrational' because I think it encapsulates not only the physical attributes of the BP but also on an etheric level - the frequencies emitted are high and fine (which is where the healing comes in). 

I know I've said this before, but I personally feel the BP works specifically on the heart chakra. It serves as a bridge between the lower and higher chakras, and also serves to open the high heart area (the centre of divine and unconditional love) - in a Christian / Spiritual context: the portal of Christ Consciousness. 

So....I really want to continue to build networks and relationships with all those across the world who might want to work with me on this. It's really exciting - but I have to say, the sound healing field in the UK at least is, at the moment, still very entrenched with set instruments (limited mainly to gongs, drums, forks and bowls) so I will just continue to do my own thing in my own way.

Would love to hear your thoughts - it's just so great to know others feel the same way about the instrument as I do, even if we have a lot of inroad to make with getting the music out there! 

Hi Jeremy - am unaware of Millmead Centre, perhaps you could elaborate? Thanks. 

I know they use completely different scale to Western. Ravi Shankar's tutorials on this were fascinating.

I don't doubt the inherent power, and positive, transformative power at that, of musical vibrations put forth with intent. It's entrainment in action isn't it - when powerful vibrations of one object (voice, instrument etc) will actually change the vibrations of another object (physical mind/body/psyche), causing this second object to lock in step or synchronize with this first. 

And I agree, 'Happy' has had that effect - I feel it's more than the words (although "happy" has that purity of intent) but the frequency of the song itself (and the use of choral voices). I think (hope) we will be hearing a lot more music in the public consciousness that is of high, pure vibration. 


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