February's song is "Rush in the Pepper". It will help you practice your scales which is always a good thing. I don't doubt that it could be played pretty fast on some instruments, but I slowed it down for the psaltery and you should all play at the speed you like or are comfortable with!


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very cool!

Thank you so much Donna. I have been practicing on my Unicorn Strings Psaltery. It is a lot easier to play connected notes. My Unicorn Strings Psaltery was made in 1987-that is over 25 years. I had him restring it and it plays great.

I am not sure what a Unicorn Strings Psaltery is -  what does it look like compared to a regular on (or is it the strings that are different)  -  sorry I am clueless!   I acuried one that was made by Dave Lucas in 1926 -  I don't know who that is - thats what it says on the inside 

Hi Lisa:

I am enclosing a photo of my Unicorn Strings. It has a nice clear tone. I love, love, love it. How does yours sound? It was really designed in 1926? I had read the history of the Bowed Psaltery and I heard that they didn't come out until the late 40's. Are you sure it is the date the instrument was made or maybe that is the 1926th instrument Dave created. I am intrigued. Let me know.

what makes it a "unicorn String"  mine is shaped the same way - so does that make it a unicorn string as well -  I took a picture of it and am going to try to upload it (not sure I know how LOL) and I bet it is the 1926th one he made - it is written on the inside where his name is (I just assumed it was the year LOL).   I think it sounds real nice however I am not sure what it is really supposed to sound like LOL   I know my "bowing" leaves something to be desired - I am not even sure how to hold the bow -  I was a brass player by nature so I am a bit out of my element - I was a music education major - so at one time in my life (20 years or so ago) I was proficient in the strings - but ....  well I don't think I need to say more LOL! 

Dont suppose you ever do lessons?   It would be nice to be able to meet with someone who could give me an idea what I should be doing once every few months -  anyway....  hopefully it uploads and you can see mine 


Hi lisa:

Unicorn Strings is the brand name. But I have 3 different Psalterys: one Baritone Psaltery I named Rose (she has 37 strings and is a whopping 10 Lbs) she has a deeper register. My first Psaltery I learned on was made by Zither Heaven. It is a Soprano Psaltery and seems to have more high frequency overtones. I have one cat, Fiona, who I nick named the Psaltery-nator because she does not like that tone. she will come up and jump on my lap while I am playing that one and look me straight in the eye with an expression that says "will you please stop playing that now?" and The Unicorn Strings, I am not sure how they do it, but playing fast connected notes is a lot easier. I would be happy to show you the basics. If you have Skype, we could do a video chat lesson. I live in California in the bay area. I play the Piano, the Guitar and I am relearning the Violin, of the 3 the bowed Psaltery was the easiest to learn. I love showing how great the BP is. Would love to help you.

That would be awesome - however I don't yet have skype - never had anyone to SKYPE with LOL

I'm not sure why - I thought you lived in Illinois - I posted a video of a feeble attempt at ode to joy - Willie is my dog in the background - he puts up with a lot from me - and  you can hear Al (my parrot) whistling with me (he loves to sing with me - I think it is to drown out my horrible beginning music  LOL

I will look at how to get SKYPE shortly  

Hi Lisa:

Skype is really easy to use. The tutorial they have is very easy to understand. How cool that you have a dog and a parrot. My hubby and I have 3 cats-Fiona 7, Oski 11 and Princess Moon-Cat 13 and one 4 year old Mini Lop named Reggie. Besides playing the Psaltery I am also a singer songwriter and animal activist. You can go to my website to learn about who I am, www.visions-alchemy.com. I also have a couple of tracks from my CD I produced in November 2012. I am working on a new CD. It is so much fun. I look forward to Skype with you.

Very cool -  I actually have 2 dogs (both rescue) Al the parrot who was a rescue and Mr. Pussycat (again a Rescue) and fish (they were not rescue LOL!)  back in my younger years I used to rehabilitate / rescue horses -  it is always nice to run into not only an animal lover - but musician as well!  (not that I can call myself a real musician - I don't play any instrument well - I just play with them!  LOL   I will check out your page

got to drop it a note, my Psaltry is a G4-G6 on the strings, so gotta transpose it one step down. 

What a sweet little song, and yes, great practice piece for technique via scales and even a little arpeggio action!


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