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An Article about Rosin from Strings Magazine

The Differences Between Dark and Amber RosinJANUARY 5, 2004Deciphering what it is, how it’s made, and which one is right for youBy Heather K. ScottRosin, the ubiquitous accessory for any stringed-instrument player is actually a bit of a mystery to most musicians. Few know how it’s made, how it works, and which types or grades are best for their instruments. Standing in front…See More
19 hours ago
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SUE C WHEELER posted a status
"Gretchen asked about music for The Entertainer. It's not free, but there is a real good edition for Easy Piano available on"
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Apr 25
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2016 Bowed Psaltery Symphony


"Give Me The Roses While I Live"

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"Thanks Brenda....looking forward to lots of playing!"
Apr 24
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Nozomi-san does it again, well done!

Swallowtail Jig on Bowed Psaltery スワローテイル・ジグ

Bowed psaltery and back-up guitar by Nozomi Nose. プサルタリー・ギター伴奏:能勢 希

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Apr 22
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Hard Times Come Again No More

"Thank you Brenda!  I appreciate your support.  Nozomi"
Apr 22
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Apr 22
Nozomi Nose posted a video

Hard Times Come Again No More

Praying for Kumamoto, for those who are suffering from consecutive severe earthquakes. 熊本地震が一日も早く収まり、被災された皆様が、一日も早く、再び日常を取り戻すことができるようお祈りしています。
Apr 22
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"I am looking for sheet music for "My Home Among the Hills by E.W James. Can anyone help?"
Apr 20
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Apr 20
Gretchen replied to Donna Malus's discussion Sheet Music for June 2011 - Suo Gan
"I have always found this tune lovely but haunting. Now I am learning to play it. Thank you for posting the music."
Apr 19
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Apr 11
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Apr 11
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"Fifteen dollars and free shipping.  Fits from 1/2" to 1-1/2" center pole.  Works GREAT!  Welded metal construction.  "
Apr 8
Brenda Mangan replied to Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey's discussion "Folk Tune Finder" Web Site
" is also a good place similar to that one. It has "Traditional music and medieval & renaissance up to the present day" and you can browse it with the "hear it" button along with the list of tunes. "
Apr 1
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Mar 30


An Article about Rosin from Strings Magazine

Started by Donna Malus in The Bow 19 hours ago. 0 Replies

The Differences Between Dark and Amber RosinJANUARY 5, 2004Deciphering what it is, how it’s made, and which one is right for…Continue

Tags: psaltery, bow, bowed, light, rosin

Sheet Music for June 2011 - Suo Gan

Started by Donna Malus in Sheet Music of the Month. Last reply by Gretchen Apr 19. 7 Replies

The music for June is an old Welsh lullaby called Suo Gan.I first heard Suo Gan when I saw the movie Empire in the Sun. It was a theme song for the movie and hauntingly beautiful sung by a boy's choir. The song was played during the most emotional…Continue

Tags: psalteries, zither, streichpsaltery, salterio, psaltry

"Folk Tune Finder" Web Site

Started by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey in How can I ..... ?. Last reply by Brenda Mangan Apr 1. 1 Reply

  As a musician who does not read music I do find "Folk Tune Finder" ...  a very helpful site. A given tune, you name it, it will pop up, multiple transcriptions for your friends that…Continue

suggested books

Started by Bubba Jordan in How can I ..... ?. Last reply by Brenda Ruth Fisher Mar 12. 5 Replies

Ok.I don't read music at all.So I'm interested in learning,but I wouldn't know where to begin.Is there any books I could get to learn how to read music.Or other suggestions,I can't afford a teacher right now.Thank U for any advice that U all may…Continue

Just purchased my first psaltery

Started by David Foley in General BP Forum. Last reply by Gordon Whittington Mar 8. 9 Replies

Just bought my first psaltery from the Early Music Shop in Saltaire in the UK. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with and my instrument should arrive next Monday or Tuesday.I've got a book of basic introductory music and am quite excited now to…Continue

Austin, Texas - live psaltery capital of the world?

Started by julie stiles in Are there any "jam" sessions near you that include the bowed psaltery?. Last reply by Gordon Whittington Mar 8. 4 Replies

anyone else in Austin?  i know i'm working on a couple of friends to get/learn psalteries.  maybe someone else out there wants to join in?  Continue

Tags: texas, austin

a treasure of PDF possibilities

Started by SUE C WHEELER in Sheet Music to Share. Last reply by SUE C WHEELER Mar 2. 7 Replies

I have been chasing sheet music. As I have been playing with a hammered dulcimer group once a month, I am always looking for stuff on their playlist. I have found title after intriguing title here:…Continue

Tags: music, sheet

Tenor and Baritone psalteries for sale

Started by robert schuler in For Sale. Last reply by robert schuler Feb 24. 3 Replies

Greetings, although I primarily build and sell mountain dulcimers, I occasionally build BP's. I am selling two identical models I built in 2007. They are in new condition and had been sitting on the shelf unused but kept up to pitch. Both are 25…Continue

Tenor psalter (made by Rick Long)

Started by Richard f soults in For Sale Feb 23. 0 Replies

                      This psaltery is curly redwood sound board. The body of the psaltery, the two bows, and the tripod holder attachment are all cherry. Comes with padded carrying case, extra strings rosin, tuning tool, optional tripod holder, two…Continue

using amplification

Started by SUE C WHEELER in How can I ..... ?. Last reply by robert schuler Feb 1. 3 Replies

does anyone have advice for amplification. When I play in jams or church, I'm told I need a pick up. I am totally ignorant of such things!Continue


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Blog Posts

My Waynie Bowed Psaltery

Posted by Linda Rodgers on February 27, 2016 at 10:09pm 0 Comments

I received my new absolutely beautiful Waynie Ultimate Bowed Psaltery yesterday 26 Feb. 2016. The workmanship and attention to detail is nothing short of marvelous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I chose Purpleheart wood and Wayne combined it with Curly  or Flame Maple. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! My baby is one class act Psaltery !!!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven't checked out wayniepsaltery please do so !!!! You will not regret it !!!!!!!!!!

Linda Rodgers

Oklahoma City, OK 

Bowed Psaltery Origins Continued: The Bladder Fiddle

Posted by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey on January 28, 2016 at 7:30am 0 Comments

  Please see this YouTube video of traditional Baltic instruments being played...   Established authoritarian Musicologists have long held that "There were no bowed musical instruments in Europe before Byzantine versions were introduced in the 10th century AD."! The Bladder Fiddle Family represents a long tradition of playing a bowed bass instrument of usually only two strings and often not fingered at all but instead…


high on bowed psaltery!!

Posted by SUE C WHEELER on December 26, 2015 at 8:42pm 0 Comments

When I bought my psalteries this summer, I imagined I would enjoy playing, and at some point might be competent enough to play at church or maybe a farmers' market. I had no idea how quickly doors would open for me to share the pleasure it has brought me. Almost immediately, I was able to contribute music to a family event.  My relations were superlative in their praise of my few tunes-- Amazing Grace, and I can't remember what else. I got plenty of practice trying to explain the instrument…


Continuing my journey with bowed psalteries

Posted by SUE C WHEELER on November 8, 2015 at 1:57pm 4 Comments

I obtained my Baritone Roosebeck Psaltery on Aug 8, 2015, and my Cabin Creek Alto on October 19, 2015. I realize this is adding family members rather rapidly, but I'm guessing there's folks out there that understand this! I love the low tones of the baritone, and the fact that I never "run out" of notes. It seems that 37 strings is quite a luxury. On the other hand, the little cherry Cabin Creek is easier to play and to carry around. While exploring options, the friendly attention from the…


Bowed Psaltery Relative: The Dan Bau

Posted by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey on August 21, 2015 at 7:30pm 0 Comments

 The Bowed Psaltery consists of a scale of individual strings each tuned to a specific pitch and arranged to be played upon one at a time by a bow. Each individual string is a musical instrument in its self called a Monochord. Monochords are the earliest stringed instruments with all other stringed instruments progressing from that first development. Many different Monochords were developed by many cultures through out history. One of these, the Vietnamese Dan Bau, sometimes described as a…


My bowed psaltery debut, plus I'm all set up!

Posted by SUE C WHEELER on August 21, 2015 at 6:54am 0 Comments

Ten days after acquiring my bowed psaltery (baritone), I was able to play some tunes as my cousins scattered ashes--both of their parents had died last year. The service was brief, informal, but beautiful, on the banks of the Sauble River.The guitar player and I each found a seat on moss covered tree limbs. I was told my music was very significant. Amazing Grace, Simple Gifts, Come by the Hills, and a little noodling. In other news, my James Jones platform came yesterday and I'm all set up…


Your Bowed Psaltery Adventures: Things People Say!

Posted by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey on July 17, 2015 at 11:30am 3 Comments

  When you bravely take your Bowed Psaltery out in public you have to be prepared to say, "It's a Bowed Psaltery" while playing and explain about it little, so many people are amazed they have never seen one before and need to know "What is that?" RIGHT NOW! "Do you ever play the strings in the middle?" Is a pretty common question. You get all possible reactions ranging from complete indifference to absolute "Stop that and go away or I will hurt you." But you will find many people are…


The Passing of Jean Ritchie

Posted by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey on June 4, 2015 at 1:30pm 1 Comment  If you look at one of the photos with this article about Jean Ritchie's life you might notice a Bowed Psaltery in the back ground. Jean and I crossed paths at different folk events often enough that she remembered my name and encouraged my Bowed…


Favorite bows.

Posted by Terry Butler on April 30, 2015 at 9:34pm 4 Comments

I've tried quite a few kinds of bows including violin bows. My favorites are the light weight ones that Rick Long makes and I must have 5 or six sets including 2 double connected bows. Synthetic is OK but can be rather worthless in high humidity.  Was playing outside on a rainy day under a trailer awning and couldn't get any sound with those!  Like no rosin at all no sound.  Dark horsehair seems to grab the strings best in situations like that.  Tend to prefer the horsehair now since then.…


problem with wound strings Greg you're sort of right but if you use flatwound strings it does work on a pasaltery.I have used them on a psaltery.The only trouble is you have to drill out the hole in …

Posted by Mouth Bow on April 8, 2015 at 3:24pm 0 Comments

problem with wound strings
Greg you're sort of right but if you use flatwound strings it does work on a pasaltery.I have used them on a psaltery.The only trouble is you have to drill out the hole in the zipper to get the string through the hole if you're wanting a deep bass on a bowed psaltery like Alto flatwound is the way to go you'll feel it through the ran shivers down me it was so beautiful of a sound. Continue



Featured Video

Amplified Psaltery with Cello Strings built by Rick Long

This video is a personal favorite because it shows a unique type of bowed psaltery with a gorgeous sound. When I heard it I broke out in goose bumps!

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Clergy's Lamentation




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Members who build bowed psalteries for sale

Spring Creek Psalteries - Sharon & Terry Kirby


From the Wood - Wayne Gaydos


to see his work visit

Waynie Psaltery - Wayne Simms


Prairie Psaltery - Richard Celata


Loon Song Psalteries-Charlie Marshall


New Tradition Dulcimers- Dan Daniels


Psalteries by Dave- Dave Lucas


Jon Williams Psalteries
(386) 853-0944

Westman Instruments - Tish & Greg Westman

Ringing Strings - Rick Long

Michael J King Instrumetns - Diatonic Psalteries

Inspired Instruments – Carol and Joe Esch

James Jones Instruments

Omega Strings – Richard Spencer

Master Works Bowed Psalteries - Russell Cook

Members that teach Bowed Psaltery

Paul G.Sykes - MS  

Located in Hattiesburg
Contact Paul at

or call him at



Gregg Schneeman - California
Contact Gregg here on Psaltery Strings


Peter Tommerup - California
San Francisco Bay Area
Bowed Psaltery and other Instruments


Celeste Howard Ray
Bowed Psaltery lessons via Skype
Skype name celesteray88


Maureen Barnes - Illinois
Bowed Psaltery lessons in Bloomington, IL


Dona Benkert -

Lessons at Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL
Phone: 773.728.6000
& Folk-Lore Center, Warrenville, IL
Phone: 630.393.1247

Tish Westman - West Virginia
Lessons at Tamarack, Beckley, WV. Wednesday workshops also available for individual classes and to teach at festivals.
Sunday "Jam" 3:30 to 6:00. All instruments welcome, play mostly Old Time, Celtic & Gospel Music, not opposed to trying any tune called, once did a rap on Bowed Psalteries.

Rick Long - Tennessee
Lessons at Rick's home/workshop in Clinton, 30 mins N of Knoxville
(865) 660-4026

Karla Armstrong - Pennsylvania
Karla plays a variety of instruments and does workshops as well. Please visit her web site for additional information or contact her via the web site or the information below.
(717) 632-8099

Carol Esch - Kentucky
Lessons in Carol's home/workshop south of Lexington.

Honey Smith Walls - Florida
e-mail Honey for more info
Melbourne, FL

Visit Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer

Please sign up on the bowed psaltery players list

Tish's list is a valuable resource when searching for other players.

If you are already on Tish's list, why don't you stop in and update your info? While your there take a look to see if there are new players in your area. Who knows, you might get together and make a recording.

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