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Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey posted a video

"Catinaux Schottishe" on Bowed Psaltery

This tune by Jean Blanchard is very popular with the Button Box Accordion players on YouTube. On "Folk Tune Finder" under "Catinaux" or "Servant" Schottische...
Frances Bercher posted a status
"What kind of wire do I use for stringing the psaltery - piano wire? What gauge? I have an electronic tuner, do I tune to 440HZ? Thanks"
Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey commented on Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey's video

"LADY OF THE LAKE" on Bowed Psaltery

"I was experimenting with a little less light so the letters on my Bowed Psaltery could be seen easier. Do you think its better? "
Profile IconAnnie Kincaid, Sylvia Reece and Kimberly Rankin joined Psaltery Strings
Brenda Mangan commented on Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey's video

"Schottische des la Gascogne" on Bowed Psaltery

"Very lively. Nicely done, Gregg. Thanks for sharing."
Brenda Mangan commented on Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey's video

"Schottische a Virmoux" on Bowed Psaltery

"Nice, Gregg. I look forward to seeing you and Jean in TN."
Janet Pohl commented on Claire Favro's video

Hank & Claire sing "Here Comes the Sun"

"Claire, I love love your playing!  It looks like you live in Washington State.  I live in Everett.  Could I take a lesson from you maybe, if you are reasonably close?  I have a Rick Long tenor and also one of his baritones.…"
Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey posted a status
"A few more tunes, Jean and I are getting ready for East Tennessee Bowed Psaltery Gathering, see you there!"
Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey posted videos
Philippa Anne Reed commented on Philippa Anne Reed's video

White Crane Spreads Wings (Live) by Philippa Anne Reed-Songs from the Psaltery

"Thank you Janet, I will have to check out Japanese shakuhachi! The song was an experiment to play entirely on the sharps and flats, and it did end up sounding very Oriental, so I named it after a Tai Chi move, and as a nod to the dance that Cranes…"
Janet Pohl commented on Claire Favro's video

Lover's Waltz on the Bowed Psaltery

"Claire, this is absolutely beautiful!!  This is a difficult tune to play, so emotional.  You have captured it in such a lovely way."
Oct 20
SUE C WHEELER replied to Janet Pohl's discussion Question Regarding Playing in a Group
"Someone, somewhere, offers this advice: OVER-practice!  But here I am searching my computer for lost documents. I'd rather be psalterying!"
Oct 19
Nozomi Nose commented on Nozomi Nose's video

Hard Times Come Again No More

"Thank you very much, Janet.  I am very glad that you like my video.  I am, too praying that we will suffer from less disasters and that those who are suffering from disasters will get back on their everyday lives again as quickly as…"
Oct 18
Janet Pohl replied to Janet Pohl's discussion Question Regarding Playing in a Group
"Thank you, Sue.  It's comforting that I'm not alone in this.  I suppose it's just a matter of more practice?   "
Oct 18
SUE C WHEELER replied to Janet Pohl's discussion Question Regarding Playing in a Group
"I know just what you mean. Suddenly, one doesn't know whether to go up or down. One's mind goes blank and sounds are not what one expects!! I am determined that this will get better!"
Oct 18
Janet Pohl commented on Nozomi Nose's video

Hard Times Come Again No More

"Nozomi, I love this beautiful song, and you have made it even more beautiful.  I too will be praying for the people affected by the earthquakes, especially that God would quiet the earth down.  Your playing is so lovely.  Thank you!"
Oct 18
Janet Pohl posted a discussion

Question Regarding Playing in a Group

Dear Friends,I brought my new baritone psaltery to my autoharp group today, thinking I could play along with the group.  I can play at home just about anything I can hum, so I thought I would have a great time. Nope!!  I found out that it's much harder to play with others than I thought.  Everything I can play at home by myself just fell apart.  It was awful.  Is this normal?  Will it get better?  Help!!JanetSee More
Oct 18
SUE C WHEELER replied to Claire Hammond's discussion 30 String Psaltery by Jack Davis For Sale
"looks beautiful. I really like that table stand too. I'm not in the market, but I couldn't help looking!"
Oct 17
Nozomi Nose commented on Nozomi Nose's video
Oct 16
Brenda Mangan commented on Nozomi Nose's video

天体観測 (BUMP OF CHICKEN) カバー プサルタリー&ギターコンサートより

"I am sure the wonderful efforts of your group will be successful in spreading the love of bowed psaltery with the music you are playing. "
Oct 16



Question Regarding Playing in a Group

Started by Janet Pohl in General BP Forum. Last reply by SUE C WHEELER Oct 19. 3 Replies

Dear Friends,I brought my new baritone psaltery to my autoharp group today, thinking I could play along with the group.  I can play at home just about anything I can hum, so I thought I would have a great time. Nope!!  I found out that it's much…Continue

30 String Psaltery by Jack Davis For Sale

Started by Claire Hammond in For Sale. Last reply by SUE C WHEELER Oct 17. 1 Reply

This is a very hard to come by psaltery made by Jack Davis.   It has 30 strings and a range from low 'F' to high 'A'.  While not a fancy looking instrument, it has a wonderful clear and resonant tone.  Have recently restrung it.  Considering its…Continue

Tags: Psaltery, Davis, Jack

Questions from a Newbie

Started by Frances Bercher in How can I ..... ?. Last reply by SUE C WHEELER Oct 13. 10 Replies

I had meant to be playing a psaltery months ago but fell and broke my shoulder and tore the rotator cuff so am just now getting back to normal. I have a musical background (guitar, banjo & bagpipes) but know nothing about this instrument.What…Continue

Your learning to play WHAT!

Started by Bubba Jordan in General BP Forum. Last reply by Janet Pohl Oct 4. 9 Replies

Yep I was actually asked this in a MUSIC STORE the other day.I don't know who in shock the most,him the owner's son for asking,or me being asked by him.This is a family owned music store quite nice I might add.With a large area for teaching many…Continue

My Bowed Psaltery Workshop in Costa Mesa CA...

Started by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey in General BP Forum. Last reply by SUE C WHEELER Sep 14. 1 Reply

 Almost time for the "Harvest Festival of Dulcimers" where I will be giving one official Bowed Psaltery workshop and otherwise will be jamming and holding forth about Bowed Psalteries to anyone interested all day! It is only a one day, Saturday,…Continue

Roosebeck instruments

Started by David Hamilton in General BP Forum. Last reply by SUE C WHEELER Aug 23. 1 Reply

Does anyone have any comments about Roosebeck instuments. I know the saying you get what ya pay for. I am looking at this baritone BP    …Continue

posting videos

Started by SUE C WHEELER in How can I ..... ?. Last reply by Brenda Mangan Aug 20. 1 Reply

How do I post a video? My dear daughter shot me decently, though my performance is imperfect. But I wanted to show you all. But I am going crazy and wasting oceans of time trying to figure it out. I don't have a youtube channel, couldn't manage that…Continue

breaking strings

Started by Amy Adams in Wood, Strings, Pins and Bows. Last reply by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey Aug 19. 3 Replies

I have a unicorn strings Psaltry (had it since 1993). I enjoyed the sound very much until I had to replace the highest string. I am having a lot of difficulty with the highest strings breaking repeatedly as I tune them. I have strung it myself &…Continue

Want to buy a large BASS bowed psaltery

Started by Mason Hamlin in For Sale. Last reply by Mason Hamlin Aug 4. 7 Replies

Hi..I can't find a lot of information on the net about bass bowed psalteries, but I would love to have one that goes down at least to the  C below middle C, and further down would be even better.   Are there any used ones for sale that are close to…Continue


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Blog Posts

Organizing a new players group

Posted by Charlie Marshall on September 10, 2016 at 3:53pm 0 Comments

I'm in the planning stages of attempting to organize a small players group here in the local area.  I currently play with one other psaltery player on a monthly basis which is fine but I would like to improve on that and invite beginners to join in.  I have built up an inventory of instruments, some new and some gently used, that I would be willing share with new players to get them started.

In addition to the instruments, I plan on providing free instruction at a level which will…


I'm still playing

Posted by bob pryor on September 6, 2016 at 1:10pm 2 Comments

I've been missing from here for some time. But some times life seems so busy. I'm off down to dorset on my hols shortly. I'm taking my Bs. I've had this daft idea about playing on the top of Cerne abbas. Also pay my respects to the last resting place of Pete shutler. The man who made fall in love with the BS.

sadly missed.  

I have so many Questions

Posted by David Hamilton on August 28, 2016 at 12:04am 8 Comments

If was to buy sheet music what would I get Violin. I would like to play some modern songs like the Beatles, Kansas, maybe Led Zepplin. You know shake the world up. I know someone  who plays Rock n roll on his accordion. I have really  only been seriously playing the psaltery for a few days and have learned all the xmas songs that my grandbaby and I plan on playing at her school and church this season. I have already purchased  2 other psalteries a xylophone and a autoharp to see…


Looking for B.Psaltery players

Posted by Joyce Hibbard on August 9, 2016 at 7:54am 1 Comment

I live in Michigan's thumb area, and I am looking for B.P.Players in my area to get together to jam and practice. I will travel 30 to 50 miles, if need be, to get together. Anyone out there interested ?


Posted by SUE C WHEELER on July 19, 2016 at 8:00pm 2 Comments

A year ago I ventured into the Hammered Dulcimer festival at Evart, Michigan.

This was the beginning of me-as-a bowed-psalterist.

I’m staggered by how much I’ve been able to play and learn this year.  I’ve accumulated reams of sheet music, but also picked out tune after tune by ear. I’ve memorized a couple pieces. I’ve participated in both a workshop and a festival with Tish Westman, and had gratis…


My Waynie Bowed Psaltery

Posted by Linda Rodgers on February 27, 2016 at 10:09pm 0 Comments

I received my new absolutely beautiful Waynie Ultimate Bowed Psaltery yesterday 26 Feb. 2016. The workmanship and attention to detail is nothing short of marvelous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I chose Purpleheart wood and Wayne combined it with Curly  or Flame Maple. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! My baby is one class act Psaltery !!!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven't checked out wayniepsaltery please do so !!!! You will not regret it !!!!!!!!!!

Linda Rodgers

Oklahoma City, OK 

Bowed Psaltery Origins Continued: The Bladder Fiddle

Posted by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey on January 28, 2016 at 7:30am 0 Comments

  Please see this YouTube video of traditional Baltic instruments being played...   Established authoritarian Musicologists have long held that "There were no bowed musical instruments in Europe before Byzantine versions were introduced in the 10th century AD."! The Bladder Fiddle Family represents a long tradition of playing a bowed bass instrument of usually only two strings and often not fingered at all but instead…


high on bowed psaltery!!

Posted by SUE C WHEELER on December 26, 2015 at 8:42pm 0 Comments

When I bought my psalteries this summer, I imagined I would enjoy playing, and at some point might be competent enough to play at church or maybe a farmers' market. I had no idea how quickly doors would open for me to share the pleasure it has brought me. Almost immediately, I was able to contribute music to a family event.  My relations were superlative in their praise of my few tunes-- Amazing Grace, and I can't remember what else. I got plenty of practice trying to explain the instrument…


Continuing my journey with bowed psalteries

Posted by SUE C WHEELER on November 8, 2015 at 1:57pm 4 Comments

I obtained my Baritone Roosebeck Psaltery on Aug 8, 2015, and my Cabin Creek Alto on October 19, 2015. I realize this is adding family members rather rapidly, but I'm guessing there's folks out there that understand this! I love the low tones of the baritone, and the fact that I never "run out" of notes. It seems that 37 strings is quite a luxury. On the other hand, the little cherry Cabin Creek is easier to play and to carry around. While exploring options, the friendly attention from the…


Bowed Psaltery Relative: The Dan Bau

Posted by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey on August 21, 2015 at 7:30pm 0 Comments

 The Bowed Psaltery consists of a scale of individual strings each tuned to a specific pitch and arranged to be played upon one at a time by a bow. Each individual string is a musical instrument in its self called a Monochord. Monochords are the earliest stringed instruments with all other stringed instruments progressing from that first development. Many different Monochords were developed by many cultures through out history. One of these, the Vietnamese Dan Bau, sometimes described as a…




Featured Video

Amplified Psaltery with Cello Strings built by Rick Long

This video is a personal favorite because it shows a unique type of bowed psaltery with a gorgeous sound. When I heard it I broke out in goose bumps!

Featured Song

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Clergy's Lamentation




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Members who build bowed psalteries for sale

Spring Creek Psalteries - Sharon & Terry Kirby


From the Wood - Wayne Gaydos


to see his work visit

Waynie Psaltery - Wayne Simms


Prairie Psaltery - Richard Celata


Loon Song Psalteries-Charlie Marshall


New Tradition Dulcimers- Dan Daniels


Psalteries by Dave- Dave Lucas


Jon Williams Psalteries
(386) 853-0944

Westman Instruments - Tish & Greg Westman

Ringing Strings - Rick Long

Michael J King Instrumetns - Diatonic Psalteries

Inspired Instruments – Carol and Joe Esch

James Jones Instruments

Omega Strings – Richard Spencer

Master Works Bowed Psalteries - Russell Cook

Members that teach Bowed Psaltery

Paul G.Sykes - MS  

Located in Hattiesburg
Contact Paul at

or call him at



Gregg Schneeman - California
Contact Gregg here on Psaltery Strings


Peter Tommerup - California
San Francisco Bay Area
Bowed Psaltery and other Instruments


Celeste Howard Ray
Bowed Psaltery lessons via Skype
Skype name celesteray88


Maureen Barnes - Illinois
Bowed Psaltery lessons in Bloomington, IL


Dona Benkert -

Lessons at Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL
Phone: 773.728.6000
& Folk-Lore Center, Warrenville, IL
Phone: 630.393.1247

Tish Westman - West Virginia
Lessons at Tamarack, Beckley, WV. Wednesday workshops also available for individual classes and to teach at festivals.
Sunday "Jam" 3:30 to 6:00. All instruments welcome, play mostly Old Time, Celtic & Gospel Music, not opposed to trying any tune called, once did a rap on Bowed Psalteries.

Rick Long - Tennessee
Lessons at Rick's home/workshop in Clinton, 30 mins N of Knoxville
(865) 660-4026

Karla Armstrong - Pennsylvania
Karla plays a variety of instruments and does workshops as well. Please visit her web site for additional information or contact her via the web site or the information below.
(717) 632-8099

Carol Esch - Kentucky
Lessons in Carol's home/workshop south of Lexington.

Honey Smith Walls - Florida
e-mail Honey for more info
Melbourne, FL

Visit Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer

Please sign up on the bowed psaltery players list

Tish's list is a valuable resource when searching for other players.

If you are already on Tish's list, why don't you stop in and update your info? While your there take a look to see if there are new players in your area. Who knows, you might get together and make a recording.

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