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Philippa Anne Reed posted a status
"New recording finished, of 'Two Swans on the Arun', a song inspired by watching a swan pair on the river Arun."
Philippa Anne Reed posted a song

 play Two Swans on the Arun

Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey commented on Donna Malus's event East Tennessee Bowed Psaltery Gathering 2014
"  Jean and I were very eager last year to get to visit with so many people like ourselves enjoying the beautiful sound of the easy to play Bowed Psaltery at the East Tennessee Bowed Psaltery Gathering hosted by Rick Long. Everybody quickly…"
sam willliams commented on Grace Thompson's group Psaltery Pstudents
"if anyone knows robin hafferty she is a member and only lives about10 miles from me, I would like to have her telephone number I would like to see if i could play the psaltery with her. "
sam willliams joined Grace Thompson's group
Jeremy Main commented on L K Marshall's status
"The perfect day to post that recording is the Calends of May, which are actually the 1st. In the UK, it's the day all the folk world celebrates the start of summer."
K.Keller commented on Donna Malus's event East Tennessee Bowed Psaltery Gathering 2014
"I wanna go so much! Last year I barely knew how to hold my psaltery. This year I am taking classes from Tish Westman at Kentucky Week in June. Maybe a magic carpet will appear to help get me to and fro."
K.Keller commented on Gale Blair's photo

My Bowed Psaltery

"Pretty instrument! I hope it brings you many hours of joy."
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Brenda Mangan replied to Donna Malus's discussion Fantastic Image of Greg Schneeman
":) Thank you!"
Apr 9
Terry Butler updated their profile
Apr 9
L K Marshall posted a status
"Kalenda Maya....but for now on the piano"
Apr 9
L K Marshall updated their profile
Apr 9
Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey posted a discussion


 It's not sheet music but if your someone like me who doesn't read music on You Tube try as an example Animidify Susato or almost any other piece of music and see it presented visually while it plays. I find it very helpful and fun. Look at Claire de Lune and Charles Widor's Toccatta.See More
Apr 9
Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey replied to Donna Malus's discussion Fantastic Image of Greg Schneeman
" I will let you know on Psaltery Strings when videos on You Tube show up of our consort. More and more people are putting up videos of their day at the Faire this year, there is a short view of Danse Macabre. Check out SoCal Danse Macabre on…"
Apr 9
Gail Brown updated their profile
Apr 8
Brenda Mangan replied to Donna Malus's discussion Fantastic Image of Greg Schneeman
"This sounds wonderful. Perhaps we could see a video of your group?  "
Apr 8
Sunny L Johnson updated their profile
Apr 8
julie stiles replied to Serenity's discussion Graduation
"congrats and welcome to the club!  :)"
Apr 8
Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey replied to Donna Malus's discussion Fantastic Image of Greg Schneeman
"   Jeanie and I survived the first weekend of the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2014 now in Irwindale CA! The weather was perfect, our Ad Hoc Consort played 4 sets, and Danse Macabre did 3 parades so they kept us busy. Tunes I'm…"
Apr 8


Fantastic Image of Greg Schneeman

Started by Donna Malus in Bowed Psaltery for Hire. Last reply by Brenda Mangan Apr 9. 6 Replies

Yesterday I was contacted by Bob Jensen of Jensen Photography. Bob was the official photographer for the Nottingham Festival in California (FaceBook page…Continue

Tags: portrait, psaltery, streichpsalter, psalteries, psaltry


Started by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey in Sheet Music to Share Apr 9. 0 Replies

 It's not sheet music but if your someone like me who doesn't read music on You Tube try as an example Animidify Susato or almost any other piece of music and see it presented visually while it plays. I find it very helpful and fun. Look at Claire…Continue


Started by Serenity in How can I ..... ?. Last reply by julie stiles Apr 8. 1 Reply

Well, according to my husband I have "graduated" to being a musician. Reason being, according to him, is now I officially own three instruments. He says a good musician will own at least three or more.Haha, I don't necessarily agree, but oh well...I…Continue

Building some BP bows

Started by Ron Housley in The Bow. Last reply by Jeremy Main Apr 5. 7 Replies

Howdy -I've decided that I want to build 2 or 3 pairs of bows to replace the ones that I have had for the last ten years. The wood will be here this week - Jobillo, Bocote & Cherry.I'm using the instructions on Eric Meiers' website as a…Continue

Music book

Started by Serenity in Bowed Psaltery for Hire. Last reply by Tish Westman Apr 1. 5 Replies

Hi,I have been quite busy lately compiling all my favorite songs into a personal songbook, and I have "noted" all the songs etc. I am looking for a particular song and i am hoping that some may have heard it, it is a song by Tim O'Brian called,…Continue

Sheet Music for August 2013 - All Alive

Started by Donna Malus in Sheet Music of the Month. Last reply by Jean E. Ziermaier Mar 26. 6 Replies

The song for August is "All Alive" by Turlough O'Carolan with the tempo slowed a bit and the key changed. I do love O'Carolan's work, he has so many beautiful songs. If you 'google" him you'll find he was a very interesting character!The song is…Continue

Tags: streichpsalter, psaltry, psalteries, zither, psaltery

Angel Wing Harp

Started by Gene Griner in How can I ..... ? Mar 19. 0 Replies

Here's my new Angel Wing Harp made by Jon Williams.The harp is very easy to play using Bowed Psaltery musicContact Jon at www.williamspsalteries.comContinue

Playing with my dulcimer group in D

Started by Nellie in Bowed Psaltery Books and Articles. Last reply by Jeremy Main Mar 17. 11 Replies

I play mountain dulcimer with a group here and more and more the psaltery is becoming popular and being incorporated into our gigs. The girls held a few sessions on instruction and i attendend and  understand somewhat about changing to play the D…Continue

Help looking for B-day present

Started by Nellie in General BP Forum. Last reply by Nellie Mar 15. 2 Replies

I lost a bid on ebay at the last minute..i was previously the only one bidding on a unicorn strings soprano for grands. They knew was an ebay bid but hate  to disappoint and yet am not rich. There is one on there now in a box and i sent them a…Continue

Wanted Used Bowed Psaltery

Started by Nellie in For Sale Mar 7. 0 Replies

 Missed an e bay bid on a unicorn..which is what i prefer so looking for 30 string for grands for a couple of thems b-day.Pm or reply here.ThxContinue


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Blog Posts

Bowed Psaltery Origins Continued: Aeolian Harps

Posted by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey on April 2, 2014 at 10:27am 0 Comments

 I like to put my Bowed Psaltery on top of my shoulder point straight up with my ear against the back, rotate my body position so that I expose the strings to any breeze or wind blowing by, pick a location on the side of a hill with a nice view and let the wind play my psaltery! Different winds produce resonances that can build in intensity and then fade into soft wispy swirling. If the breeze allows bring your psaltery down to were you can bow along. A word of caution, prolonged exposure to…


care of psaltery

Posted by Irene Gendron on March 21, 2014 at 5:37pm 6 Comments

I am interested to know how to clean the strings and peg of my psaltery. I know to use a soft brush (either paint or makeup) for the instrument.

Nancy Barker's sister died

Posted by K.Keller on March 15, 2014 at 8:50pm 0 Comments

Some of us have attended Kentucky Music Week and enjoyed bowed psaltery lessons. So you might wish to know Nancy Barker's sister Gloria J. Lewis died a few days ago. "Miss Gloria" was a well known pianist in Louisville, KY and beyond.If you know Nancy you surely respect her including instruments beyond the dulcimer so that many of us have a gathering place to learn and jam and make new musical buddies.Those Johnson girls have helped a lot us grow.

Return to the psaltery

Posted by Sue K on February 7, 2014 at 9:46am 0 Comments

I'm so excited to return to my psaltery after a long absence. I have a beautiful Rick Long tenor that I am reacquainting myself with. I finally figured out how to start the DVD player and have reviewed the instructional DVD. Can't seem to get a clear sound out of my low G or A. I will keep working on it.

Bowed Psaltery Origins Continued The Trumscheit

Posted by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey on January 29, 2014 at 3:00pm 0 Comments

 The much profaned Tromba Marina was originally a bowed single monochord used for both sacred and profane music. Classical paintings show a wide range of sizes being played with the bow on top with finger stopping the string from below,sometimes outfitted with a "floating bridge" meant to create special effects, one or two drone strings and later internal sympathetic strings were installed to increase resonance. In the late 1700's a version called the Trumscheit was developed by German folk…


Merry Christmas

Posted by Sue Gillum on December 25, 2013 at 12:26pm 0 Comments

Wishing all a blessed Christmas and 2014. I have beem enjoying learning a few Christmas carols. Husband an friends are nice enough to listen an say well done. I still think psaltery, s make such sweet music. Blessing to all

Bowed Psaltery Origins Continued

Posted by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey on November 19, 2013 at 2:00pm 1 Comment

 The "Fischer's Fidola Mandolinette Zither" from the early 1900's is an interesting combination of individual strings available to be bowed or plucked that are also set up with push button springy hammers plus another set of strings arranged in chords to be strummed! One of these has recently shown up on E Bay with excellent close up pictures currently viewable on Google Images. Check it out on AntiquityMusic .com. "Zither Girl" has a  video on You Tube titled "Zither Adventure Tour-Olde…


A Rose by any other name.....

Posted by Donna Malus on November 7, 2013 at 5:32pm 1 Comment

Up until now, if I was asked what my all-time favorite song was I would have said “Ode to Joy”.  Now I’m not sure that’s the right answer!

This past weekend at the East TN BP Gathering the comment was made that a piece of sheet music titled “Ode to Joy” was really called "Joyful, Joyful".  This raised my curiosity and I did a little research.  

Beethoven wrote his 9th and final complete symphony over a 7 year period, 1818-1824. By that time he was considered totally deaf (some…


Bowed Psaltery Origens Continued: The Scheitholt Connection

Posted by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey on October 9, 2013 at 9:30am 2 Comments

    In Germany and most of Europe the rich town people,the powerful in their castles, cathedrals,and universities had their own diverse entertainments only sparingly experienced by the sometimes prosperous farmers living far from all that on the side of a mountain. These folks played their own music on their home made instruments for their own enjoyment. The Scheitholt (which means long log),Hummel (Bumble Bee!) and other musical instruments  are brought to America by the Pennsylvania Dutch…


What's So Great About The Bowed Psaltery?!!

Posted by Gregg E. Schneeman & Jean Gaffey on October 7, 2013 at 9:02am 1 Comment

  I was at our dulcimer fest here in L.A. last weekend. Besides playing and visiting old friends I had 4 people give me a chance to play a little game I like to play- I ask them to look at their watches before I start showing them how to play. I have a way of turning the psaltery around and holding their right hand with my left hand guiding them up and down,pull push pull push,slide,sharps and flats Twinkle Twinkle, Doe a Deer,Ode to Joy,Yankee Doodle and we're done.OK how long did that…



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Spring Creek Psalteries - Sharon & Terry Kirby


From the Wood - Wayne Gaydos


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Waynie Psaltery - Wayne Simms


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Loon Song Psalteries-Charlie Marshall


New Tradition Dulcimers- Dan Daniels


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Gregg Schneeman - California
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Peter Tommerup - California
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Bowed Psaltery and other Instruments


Celeste Howard Ray
Bowed Psaltery lessons via Skype
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Maureen Barnes - Illinois
Bowed Psaltery lessons in Bloomington, IL


Dona Benkert -

Lessons at Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL
Phone: 773.728.6000
& Folk-Lore Center, Warrenville, IL
Phone: 630.393.1247

Tish Westman - West Virginia
Lessons at Tamarack, Beckley, WV. Wednesday workshops also available for individual classes and to teach at festivals.
Sunday "Jam" 3:30 to 6:00. All instruments welcome, play mostly Old Time, Celtic & Gospel Music, not opposed to trying any tune called, once did a rap on Bowed Psalteries.

Rick Long - Tennessee
Lessons at Rick's home/workshop in Clinton, 30 mins N of Knoxville
(865) 660-4026

Karla Armstrong - Pennsylvania
Karla plays a variety of instruments and does workshops as well. Please visit her web site for additional information or contact her via the web site or the information below.
(717) 632-8099

Carol Esch - Kentucky
Lessons in Carol's home/workshop south of Lexington.

Honey Smith Walls - Florida
e-mail Honey for more info
Melbourne, FL

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